Never The Less

Short film for Living IRL.

Featuring: Chris Lopez, Kristine Morgan

Camera, music: Chris Lopez

Written, directed by: Kristine Morgan


Short film for Girlgaze.

Featuring: Michelle Johnson

Spoken word: Ashlee Haze

Music: Chris Lopez

Shot, directed, edited by: Kristine Morgan

The Naked Man

A short documentary following a young man discovering NYC for the first time on the week of the 2016 presidential election.

Featuring: Chris Lopez, Kristine Yang

Shot, directed, edited by: Kristine Morgan


A short film about a girl sitting for a portrait. Premiered at the 2018 Arizona International Film Festival, featured by Dear Lois Magazine.

Featuring: Regina Soza

Editing, animation: Andrew Hakim

Music: Brent Glanville

Shot, directed by: Kristine Morgan

Reservation for Two

An upcoming short film about a woman who stops by her ex-husband's house to get her lamp back.

Featuring: Janira Campos-Puleo, Ed Glynn, Angelica Toledo, Kristine Morgan

Produced by: Ali Forrest

Shot, produced, colored by: J Lardizabal

Sound: Chris Lopez

Music: Timothy Puleo

Edited by: Andrew Hakim

Written, directed by: Kristine Morgan

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