Reel (2017)

Music | "Tuxedo Mask" by Zzay

Battleground (2017)

Inspired by Barbara Kruger's influential piece from 1989 and Ashlee Haze's powerful words, this film, released by Girlgaze, focuses on the battleground of today, 2017.

Featuring Michelle Johnson
Music by Chris Lopez

The Naked Man (2017)

This short film follows Chris Lopez as he experiences New York City for the first time in November 2016. It captures the mood of the city on election week, following Donald Trump's win.

August 14th (2016)

Music video for PWEST, produced by Jaguarsun

The Last Three Days (2014)

An improvised dramatic short film shot documentary-style over the course of three days in Los Angeles.

The film follows Cate and Tanner as Tanner visits LA after moving away three years ago. Cate is someone he knew in the past, and seeing her again begins to change everything.

Starring: Maryam CnéChris Labadie

Music: Natalie Angiuli

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