To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Kristine Lee Morgan. I'm a person from Indianapolis living in Brooklyn, by way of Phoenix, then Los Angeles, then Phoenix again, then Los Angeles again. I make films (and other stuff). I am an INFP (borderline E). Right now, I have 40 tattoos, two dogs, one parent, zero automobiles, seven Harry Potter books, four cameras, and way too many skincare products.

My work has been featured by Urban Outfitters, the Girlgaze Project, Thought Catalog, Local Wolves Magazine, a handful of other online magazines, my high school newspaper, a bunch of coffee sites and social media accounts, Instagram pages of countless Instagram models, my own short-lived blogs and Tumblr pages, and several The Maine fan accounts back in 2009 or so. I also run my dog's Instagram account, which is really funny. What I'm really here to tell you, though, is that I tell stories and love people. Ideally I can tell stories about people whose stories need and deserve to be told.

Send me an email if any of this resonates with you, like if you want to work together or hire me or if you feel compelled to tell me a juicy secret or something.

Kristine Lee Morgan

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